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I have to write a story about these 4 cute girls that made an imprint on my heart!

Humane Society Club Featured

At the end of the school year, Claire, Chelsea, McKayla, and Meg decided to start a club. They wanted to raise money to help the Humane Society. So they pulled out the calendar, made a plan, and made it happen! I was so impressed!

lemonade stand

They did it religiously, every Wednesday evening! The girls sold everything from lemonade, to cupcakes, to an assortment of cookies! The neighborhood was so supportive and came to the stand, just to support the girls. Some people would say, “Keep the change”, some would donate extra to the cause, and most importantly, many would stop and take the time out of their busy schedules or on their way home from work (when I’m sure they were SO ready to just get home) to pay $ .50 to make these girls’ day! It was so cute to see the girls when they spotted a car! Immediately, they would jump up and down shouting everything their little minds could think of to get them to stop. They felt victorious when the car would start slowing and come to a stop right in front of their yellow booth.

Lemonade stand

There were also times when they would be jumping and shouting and the car would pass by without acknowledging them,  in those moments, immediate silence and disappointment flooded the air. After sitting with those kids and seeing their reactions, I vowed to always stop at any type of stand run by little volunteers or entrepreneurs. It only takes a minute, and it makes a world of difference on these little people’s world. Life is busy, life is fast pace, but if there isn’t time to stop for one minute at a lemonade stand, life is too busy.

After a lot of handwork, goal setting, planning, and doing what it takes to carry out the plan, these little volunteers raised $100 to donate to the Humane Society. Not once did I hear any of them talking about keeping it for themselves. They were so proud to donate it and help the animals!

Humane Society Club

At the end of the summer, they collected all the money they made and hand delivered it! They were confident, happy, and proud of their accomplishments! These are the simple things that make kids great! Teaching children to look outside themselves, to do something for someone else, and to live for a higher purpose is worth more than anything money could buy! These girls felt BIG and GOOD when all was said and done!

Real Imprints

I asked those girls what their favorite part was about their summer club. Meg said, “I kind of felt good inside. It was fun to deliver the money and I felt good helping the animals.” Chelsea replied that she “loved having fun at the lemonade stand with her friends and it felt good to help the animals.” Claire’s response was that she “liked selling the treats and would do anything to help the animals.”

I was so grateful to Julie and Lisa for spearing this up! Meg mentioned it to me in passing and I thought it was going to be another one of those clubs that is talked about, but never happens. It wasn’t. These amazing moms took their dreams and ideas and made them a reality! I was so grateful that Meg was able to be part of something so simple, yet so great!

I also asked the “Club Moms” if they had any insights from what they witnessed throughout the summer. Lisa said, “It was so endearing to see them work so hard and then give the money away. It was a very selfless act on their part. I think it really hit home for me that it is never too early to teach children to give back and to instill the value of service and generosity.” Julie commented, “I just loved seeing them do this together as friends and to experience serving their community so early in their lives!”

Real Imprints

Thank you girls for being so great! It was so fun to see you have so much fun together while you worked hard to reach your goals and help the community! You are such a great example to so many and I know all those animals are so grateful too! I hope you keep it up! You girls are going to do amazing things….I can already tell!

Story written by: Lindsey

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