Help Starving Children In Africa

Dando Amor - Africa

I know Travis Gugelman, and I am surprised that his heart can fit inside his body! He has such a big heart! He would give his shirt off his back, his home to someone in need, and definitely his money, to help those in need. He practices what he preaches. He has a passion to help those in need. Travis Gugelman and his wife are the founders of Dando Amor, and live their lives to lift and bless others. We teamed up with them earlier in the year for the Shoes for Love shoe drive! In May, they traveled around the US gathering shoes and are now in Africa. They take steps into the dark with faith, and the Lord paves their path. It’s amazing to see!

We want to help them while they are in Africa this week helping these children in such need! The people and children aren’t dying of aids, they are dying of starvation, where he is at. The average life expectancy is 19 years old! It’s almost unbelievable. You can see more about their trip on Facebook or you can donate by clicking HERE! If you donate THIS WEEK, the money will be used THIS WEEK while they are there to help the children!


We often feel like if we can’t give a lot, we shouldn’t give any. It may even feel embarrassing not to give a large amount, but it shouldn’t. Like Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed 100, just feed one.” Any amount will help so please just do what you can, $5, $10, $25…whatever you can. I’ve heard his personal stories and it’s amazing how a little bit of our money can go a long ways for these children that are in such need! Check them out on Facebook! It will help you know if donating for this cause is right for you. We are so blessed with an abundance of our needs and wants met everyday. These starving children in Africa often don’t even have their needs met. Let’s see what we can do to leave our imprint in Africa, by donating to help these children! Life is good when you leave Real Imprints!



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