Help Reunite Sisters

Reunite Sisters Adopted from Foster Care

My name is Liz Porter and I am a Utah Foster Mom and I am also an Ambassador for Utah Foster Care. A fellow Foster mom, Serenity Barlow, was removed from an abusive home with alcoholic parents at just 6 months old. She and 2 year old sister, Michelle were separated and adopted into Foster homes. When Serenity was 18, she saw her sister just once and now Michelle is in a cancer hospital battling leukemia for the 2nd time and it’s not looking good. I was contacted by Humanity4Humanity by childhood friend, Scott Fausett who wanted to help. Together, our goal is to raise $7,500 to send Serenity and her husband Jerry and their 3 adopted ( through UFC) children to see Michelle before it’s too late for a reunion. Michelle enters this hospital on Monday as a last effort to save her life. You can donate by clicking HERE.

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