Healing with Grace

I decided to donate my wedding dress to The Angel Gowns Project, by Real Imprints, a few years after losing my daughter, Grace. My daughter was born sleeping at twenty-two weeks. I did not anticipate any problems with my pregnancy; therefore, I was in total shock and heartbroken when her arrival occurred.

 I was underprepared for her birth that evening and came to the hospital with nothing for her to wear. When I had a few moments to hold her afterward, the nurses had her dressed in donated clothes. I will always remember her dressed in this little yellow and white onesie with a matching yellow knitted hat that was still very large on her tiny body.

Although my eyes were full of tears, I can still remember looking lovingly at her perfect little fingers, adorable little nose, and that her blond hair was just starting to grow on her head. It was such a blessing to be given that moment, for she looked beautiful and will always be my little girl.

One will never forget the feeling of holding a cold baby, but the little outfit helped me feel better that I was doing everything I could at that moment to be her mother.

For many years I have donated premie clothes to the same hospital to return the favor, even after I was blessed with my rainbow baby. I also knitted hats that matched these clothes, with the label on them “Finding Grace”. This year, my Grace would have been ten years old, amazingly, the Angel Gown Project “time to donate” email arrived during her birthdate month. It brought me great joy, to know that I could do something special in memory of her this year, having my dress be made into many perfect dresses for other sleeping babies.

The Angel Gown Project is an excellent program, and I am so thankful for all your hard work. I look forward to seeing the transformation your volunteers are able to achieve. Thanks again for all that you do.