Hannah Raises Money for Breast Cancer

Hannah is the sweetest little 7 (soon to be 8) year old you have ever met! She is kind, thoughtful, and full of smiles. She is a light and joy to everyone she is around. I love when she comes over to play with my daughter. Recently, Hannah’s grandma found out she has breast cancer. She has been worried about how to help her grandma find the money to pay for the treatment. But with some heart and thought, she has put a plan into place to help raise funds to fight Breast Cancer! It’s amazing how one little girl can make such a difference. Read her story below! Her love and selflessness will inspire you!

grandma and hannah

Here is Hannah’s story, written by Hannah:

“i found out my grandma was sick the other day and it mad me sad. I cried because i love her a lot and don’t want her to be sick. my mom and dad said she did not have money to get medicine she needs to get better right now. i want to raise money for her so she can get the doctor help. i made keychains to give to people that can help with money for grandma alice. we did a zumba fundraiser for breast cancer a week ago and it gave me the idea so i talked to my zumba teachers and i am doing a zumba party for my grandma too. we will have zumba in north carolina if anyone wants to come. you dont have to come and you can still get a key chain. if you can help it will mean the world. thank you.”


To anyone that donates $15 or more – Hannah will send a hand made key chain that she helped make that she thought her grandma would like.

key chain

hannah keychain


Please go visit her gofundme page HERE and donate a little to help her grandma!

Submitted by: Tasha

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