Haiti Donors Give Special Needs Orphans a New Perspective

My heart about died when I saw the pictures my friend Katie emailed me. She’s in Haiti right now and was the gracious hands that delivered our strollers to the orphanage. Every picture had a face that I recognized and my emotions flooded to the surface. These sweet kids had to wait a full year for something I wanted to get them while we were there.

Humanitarian trip

And now they are a whole year older…

Real Imprints

Real Imprints

Special Needs Orphanage

Real Imprints

Dealing with Haiti, everything takes longer. Trusting people is harder, packages are very expensive to send and often don’t get delivered, and the airplane luggage restrictions make it difficult to take anything extra via plane. BUT WE DID IT! THANK YOU HAITI IMPRINTERS and thank you Katie!! This imprinters project was only possible because of people’s generous donations! You know who you are and thank you, thank you! I hope seeing these pictures gives you some sweet satisfaction in knowing that you made a big different in the lives of these resilient children with terribly crippled bodies, but such mighty spirits! Now they don’t have to spend their entire day stuck in a steal crib or bed, laying in one position, with very little stimulation. They get to sit up and see the world from a different perspective!

These are the only strollers they had left when we were there, and they rotated these two between all the residents that didn’t fit well in an adult wheelchair.

Broken Strollers

Despite the lack of some very basic things that I considered necessities, I knew it was a good place, that they were doing their best, and that they just didn’t have the means to do more. God told me this as I was walking down the long sidewalk to leave. Exhausted and worn out after just hours of caring for these children, I was overcome with emotion and a reverence for the Christlike caregivers that give all they have, day in and day out to these mighty orphans.

We’re so humbled to have been able to be a part of this project, to see our imprinters generosity. We do know that God was watching out for these kids and caretakers, and we are so grateful it is finally complete!

Thank you Haiti Imprinters!!!