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We’ve already had the first tender mercy of our trip. If you have ever questioned if God is real, go on a mission trip, and you will know. It has seemed that everything has worked out to the minute, to the dollar, and in just the right moment that we needed it to. It’s incredible. Starting our trip out like this was a reminder of how much God loves these people we are going to serve!

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We arrived at the airport about 2 hours early. We were checking 6 bags all filled to the limit of 50 lbs. We decided to add another bag last so we could fit all the donations in so that made the grand total of 6 huge bags. I had called to see if they would do any special deal for mission trip luggage. If they would cut us a break. It was Delta’s phone service that I was directed to and we were just another caller and the guy just read me their policy. He said the first bag was free and the other bags were $40. When we got up to the counter the guy said, “That will be $330. What??? It was supposed to be $160 not $330. He was awesome and after we told him what had happened, he was trying to do all he could. We were checking in with Alaska Airlines but at some point we switch to Delta so he needed their permission. Delta was closed but there was one lady that was walking by from Delta, so he stopped her to see if she could override it. After making some calls, she came over and told us there was nothing she could do, but that when we get back we can email Delta and try to get a refund. We weren’t sure what to do. When you are dealing with donated funds and poverty at such extreme levels, you want to use the money just right.

We had these bags packed with donated items, but to pay $125 each for two bags was ridiculous. After all of us talking and trying to figure out a solution, the Delta lady said she would go see what she could do. In the meantime, the Alaska Airlines employee said he was going to check the bags for what we were told we could check them for and Delta may or may not charge us later in the flight. As he was finishing up checking our bags, the Delta lady came back out and pulled us aside. She told us that she’s always wanted to go to Haiti, but hasn’t been able to. She said she wanted to give us some money to help us out. Then she continued, “I have to tell you the story.” She went on to tell us that she never carries cash on her, but on the way to the airport she stopped at a bank to close out an account. She said she didn’t know how much money it was until just before giving it to us. It was $160. The difference of what we were told the bags were and what we were being charged was $170. It was a neat moment. All of us felt and recognized it was a God sent thing. You could tell what it meant to her, and I hope she could tell what it meant to us.

God orchestrated a simple but amazing thing:

1. We were early enough for all this to happen (which is a miracle in and of itself:))

2. He created an opportunity for this woman to see His hand and to bless our lives and the Haitians that she’s always wanted to bless.

3. The Alaska Airlines employee was extremely patient and helpful and gave us the deal anyway, which allows us to use her money in Haiti for the Haitians and not just for our bags.

4. If we do end up needing to pay for the luggage, we still all saw the hand of God tonight.

As we were boarding the plane and thinking over what had just transpired, we felt God’s love for the people we are going to serve. He cares about each and every one of us and is in the details of our lives.

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This morning was hard for me. I’ve been running on my humanitarian and adventurous mind and heart this last month, but this morning the mommy heart kicked in. My kids were emotional and so was I. I was thinking about the what if’s. I’ve left them before, but this was different. It wasn’t that we were leaving them, it’s that we were leaving them and going to a pretty dangerous place that’s so far away and for so long. It hit me how much my kids were sacrificing. They were trying to be so brave.

Haiti the girls

I had a sweet moment where my fear turned to faith. I remembered all that has transpired this last month and how I’ve undeniably seen God’s hand in it. I knew we were doing what we were supposed to do.

This little experience checking our bags was just another confirmation. I know this week is going to be full of tender mercies from God. God cares and He will orchestrate things to work out just as they should.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s ahead!


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