Good Words are Mighty

Good Words are MightySpencer had a rough day one day at lunch.  Some of his “friends” at the kindergarten table read his little note from me. I had written “You are a smart boy.” Since they are all beginning readers, they read “You are a silly boy.” and they laughed at him.  This was heartbreaking to hear.  I wanted to go beat each and every one of those meanie boys.  Instead, I encouraged Spencer.  I told him to stand up for himself. .Be strong. Don’t let other people bother you.  Be kind and be firm. We prayed and he was still hesitant to go to school, especially since Hailey was home sick and he would be going to school alone.  I saw a teacher standing up by the entrance of the school and I told him to feel better, you can make someone feel happy.  I told him to go up to the teacher and say, “I hope you have a great day!” and see what she does.  He got out of the car, hitched up his backpack and sauntered over in his Spencer way.  He got the teacher’s attention and said the words.  She looked down at him and smiled.  He told me later that she said, “You made my day.”  He felt mighty. He felt the power of good words.  That good words will change a day, a life, or a moment.  That good words are better spoken in frustration instead of angry words.  That good words will improve a mood and most especially your own mood.  Spencer was mighty that day and his power came because of his sweet words.

Story written by: Heather Bell

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