God’s Love

God's Love

I love the song, “I Saw God Today, by George Strait. Every time I hear it, I’m reminded of how much God really is in the details of our lives and how much He loves each of us! His love, His patience, and His forgiveness surrounds me each and every day and I’m so grateful for it!

Let me introduce you to my amazing friend Claire! She is full of energy and love! She loves life and is always making people laugh. She says it how it is and people just love her for her realness! At church she shared a few thoughts to a room full of women, there were a lot of wet eyes in the room when she was done. What she said, really hit home to so many of us! Sometimes we just need to know that what we are doing is ok. That our efforts are enough. That we are enough. That God loves us the way we are and is pleased with us. It was like we were all tense balls, and when she was talking, we were able to let it all out and feel like we really were loved, and we really were doing our best, and we really were ok.

While she was talking, I knew I had to share her thoughts on the blog because I wanted her message to reach more than just that small room of women and she was so kind to agree to share with the blog! I believe and know that what she shared is so true! We just need to believe it and remember it, and then remember it again when we soon forget it!

God's Love

God’s Love

Me: “I’m so fat.”
Husband: “I don’t care about fat. I care about YOU!”

This was a conversation I had with my husband the other day…and I’ve thought about it several times since then. I realized that he loves me no matter what I look like. I feel his love for me every day.

I can’t help but think about my Heavenly Father’s love for me. I believe that he doesn’t care about my fat, either. He cares about ME! He loves each of us, imperfections and all. He doesn’t care about our dishes in the sink or how much we go to the gym. He doesn’t mind that I only walk my kids to the bus stop once a year. He wants us to try to improve ourselves each day, but doesn’t want us to get frustrated when we fail. He doesn’t want us to give up. Most of all, he wants us to be happy.

How do you feel God’s love? You feel it in your soul. When I think of God’s love, I realize that it’s in everything. It’s all around me. I know he is there when I struggle and I feel his love strengthen me. I feel it when I hear my son play the bassoon. I feel it whenever I eat chocolate! I felt it when I watched my mother take her last breath. Take a moment to feel your Heavenly Father’s love. It is there. It always has been.

“[God’s Love] is simply there. It is there for you when you are sad or happy, discouraged or hopeful. God’s love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love.” -Thomason S. Monson


We could all use a little less “fat talk” and a little more love. God loves us, let’s love ourselves!


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