God Sends Angels

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(Many people impact our lives every day for good. It wasn’t until Copper came to our family that I realized that our pets can do the same thing. She left a huge PAWprint in our family’s hearts)

Dear Copper,

This month marks a year since you have died. I have been thinking of you a lot since that day a year ago. I have spent many nights pondering the memories, reliving the moments that made you a part of our family. I heard people say that your pet will literally be one of the family, but I didn’t understand what that meant…until you came to live with us.

I wonder if you really understand the significance of the timing when I brought you home. We had been living in North Carolina for just over two years. Moving here was the hardest thing I had ever done. We left our family, friends, and everything familiar. Then as life would have it, the first two years were very hard, difficult, and testing. I wondered so often why we even moved here. I was in a downward spiral of self-doubt and confusion and life seemed miserable.

Then a miracle occurred. And I do not use miracle lightly, because only God knows that our family needed you.

I brought you home. I made the decision in only a few hours. I even surprised my husband, but I felt compelled to keep you. Sure….puppies are a handful…and you had your fair share of trying moments. But you shed so much joy.

I remember as you grew we trained you and boy did you catch on quick. You were the smartest dog I had ever seen. You loved the kids and you loved me, even when I was frustrated with you. You melted our hearts.

Thinking of you today, I realize I miss so much about you! I miss how you would ring the bell on the back door every time you wanted to go outside. I miss how you snuggled in our laps during a thunderstorm. I miss how you would play in the sprinkler and try and catch the water. I miss how you would chase the birds. I miss how you would sit and behave for a treat. I miss how you would chase the red laser light on the kitchen floor. I miss how you would play chase with the kids around the swimming pool. It was Kaden’s favorite game. He misses you, you were his best friend.

I wish you didn’t like to be curious. I wish you didn’t chase that car the day you died. I wish you were here with us.

Kaden still keeps your collar by his bed. It reminds him of you.

The day we brought you home was a miracle for our family. I didn’t know it then, but we needed you. You helped us focus on the good in life. You made us smile. You helped us laugh. You helped us work. You made us play. You brought us together. You pushed out the gloomy and made us glad. You were the very miracle that our family needed. Living here slowly didn’t seem so bad; we forgot about our troubles and found you to love on instead. Even though you were with our family a short time, your timing couldn’t have been more exact. I never noticed the transformation until now, but you changed our lives for good. We look at life through new lenses, ones that saw God’s hand in our lives even through our trials.

One day, after you died, I was praying….confused why you were brought into our lives to be taken so suddenly. Do you know what I heard? A still, small, voice whispered that sometimes God sends Angels in our lives. This time, our Angel came in the form of a little puppy named Copper. He sent us our very own Angel. Thank you from the depths of my heart for being our Angel Dog!

Story written by: Tasha

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