Glasses for Ghana

Glasses for Ghana

Imprinters! We have another great opportunity that we are so excited about! We are teaming up with Bamboo Healthcare, who is a nonprofit organization that offers medical relief to villages in Ghana. The founders of Bamboo Healthcare are a husband (family doctor and native of Ghana) and wife (nurse) who travel to Ghana and offer as much relief and help to the villages as possible. On their last visit, they noticed a huge need for prescription glasses. They there was such a high need for glasses and they didn’t have enough to give them. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen again so we are going to team up with them, and you, and collect as many prescription glasses as we can. Their next trip to Ghana is scheduled for March 2015. Help us collect as many prescription glasses as we can between now and then! Let’s leave our imprints on these sweet people that go without such basic needs that we so often take for granted!

Different Ways You Can Help:

-Donate glasses, new or used (Donation Locations are listed below).

-Donate money that will be used 100% towards Glasses for Ghana (just make a donation on the homepage).

-Be a drop-off location for Real Imprints in your local area.

-Promote and facilitate glasses drive in your local area.

-For Questions, please email

Real Imprints Drop-off Locations:

Lindsey (BOISE, IDAHO):
PO Box 1742
Eagle, ID 83616

Tasha (Charlotte, NC)

Heather (Lehi, UT)

Becky (Richland/Tri-cities, WA)