Give Your Kids a Heart Attack – FREE Printables!!!

Give your kids a heart attack

This would really work for anyone that you want to make smile, but we are excited to do it for our kids this year!

Each year I wonder and think about what I should do for our girls for Valentine’s Day. It’s a simple holiday so I don’t want to go overboard, but it’s a day I want them to remember as always feeling loved and special. So this year, we’re going to heart attack them!

Here’s the plan of “attack”:

1. Print out our free printable “Heart Attack” sheets! (I’m going to make each door unique to each child. I can’t wait!)

2. Write words, phrases, and quotes on each heart that remind me of that child.

3. Cut out the hearts (Tip to make it quick – if it’s symmetrical, fold the hearts (or shape) in half and then cut)

4. Laminate them if you want to keep them long term. (I’m still trying to decide if this step is worth it for me. I’m thinking not this year, but we’ll see if I get caught in the Heart Attack spirit and go for the gold!:-))

5. Hang them on their door the night before Valentine’s Day so they wake up to a fun surprise and are reminded of all their wonderful qualities!

I’m most excited about this because we ALL need reminders of why we are lovable, and there is just something about hearing it from mom and/or dad. I feel like as the mom my day is often out of balance – it’s hard to spend equal time telling my girls how awesome they are when so much of my day is spent asking them to get on task, assigning chores, pleading for obedience, and trying to refrain from losing my mind, my temper, my cool, my tears, or all the above!:-)

I hope they leave it up on their doors for a while to serve as a reminder to them of how awesome they really are!

We have a house full of estrogen carriers, but this is fun for boys too! Boys need to hear it just as much as girls and that’s why we added some extra fun free printables with the boys in mind!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have fun making your kids (and others) feel lovable!

Free Printables

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