My Friend Cameron

 My Friend CameronMy friend Cameron was 8 years old when I first met him. He was like ordinary boys his age. He loved to climb trees, play with superheroes and cars, and he had lots of energy. But he was also not like ordinary boys his age. Cameron was born with water on the brain which caused some challenges for him. School was a little harder, it wasn’t easy to focus, social cues and friendships took work, and he was behind in maturity. But Cameron also had something extra special about him and that was his innate ability to see in you what others could not.

When I met Cameron, I was recently married and going to college. During this time I was asked to be the Bear Den Scout Leader at church. I admit I didn’t know a thing about scouts, but now here I was leading a group of boys in the scouting program. And here is where I met Cameron.

When Cameron was born his mom was single. The doctors told her what would likely become of Cameron, yet she knew this little boy needed to be with her. She didn’t have a husband to support her, but she promised to give him her best. She did have to work to make ends meet. To help, I brought Cameron home with me on scout afternoons. We would explore all the wonders that lied within my house. We would talk and just hang out.

We became fast friends. We just connected!

I needed his friendship because my husband was working two jobs and going to school full time. He was also away on Sunday’s attending to church responsibilities. That meant I was alone at church. But God sent me a little boy who knew I was lonely. He’d find me and every Sunday at church, I never sat alone.

It has been ten years since I first met Cameron. Now a grown boy, he has tackled the teenage years and now is an adult. I have moved away and have a family of my own. But his friendship continues to stir my heart. I often ask, how did he know to sit with me every Sunday? He will never know how his friendship lifted my spirits and made me feel special. Sometimes God sends people in our lives when we need them most, and ten years ago, he sent me a little boy who likes to climb trees.

Story written by: Tasha

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