For the Beauty of the Earth

Ever since I can remember I spent time in the mountains…hunting, fishing, camping. You see, I am a Wyoming gal! My dad would take me through the Wind River Mountains and show me God’s beauty, how it surrounded me.  It brought me a little closer to heaven and I felt peace.

I guess that raising me to enjoy nature stuck. Now as a grown women I love to see the world. I simply can’t drink in every inch of America. There is so much to enjoy and I love it! When I need to feel a little closer to God, I just need to enjoy the wonderful gift he has given me… the beauty of the earth.

One of my favorite hymns is the old English carol “For the Beauty of the Earth” It’s simple yet profound message brings me joy. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pictures of God’s creations along with this hymn. And when you step outside tomorrow, inhale and look around. You will feel a little closer to Heaven!

 For the Beauty of the Earth

(Wyoming: Big Horn Mountains)

wyoming 2

For the Glory of the Skies

(Casper, Wyoming)


For the Love which from our Birth over and around us Lies

(Idaho: my old home)


Lord of ALL to thee we raise

(Jackson, Wyoming)


This our Hymn of Grateful Praise

(Smokie Mountains: North Carolina)


For the Beauty of each Hour

(Virginia: Pocahontas State Park)

Lillie pads

Of the Day and Of the Night



Hill, and Vale, and Tree and Flower

(North Carolina: my new home)


Sun and Moon and Stars of Light



Lord of all to Thee we Raise



This our Hymn of Grateful Praise

(Dubois, Wyoming)


For the Joy of Human Love

(Me and My Hubby-Ben: South Carolina)


Brother, Sister, Parent, Child

(My kiddos and my youngest sister- North Carolina)


Friends on Earth and Friends Above

(Pacific Ocean)


For all Gentle Thoughts and Mild

(Wind River Mountains: Wyoming)


Lord of All to Thee we Raise

(Nauvoo, Illinois)


This our Hymn of Grateful Praise

(St. Anthony, Idaho)


Photos taken by Tasha and Todd Madsen… aka…my dad!


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