Enjoy the Moments!

Sometimes life is ordinary. Not very exciting. Tiring and monotonous.

But then you have moments that are completely unordinary, random, and potentially hilarious. It’s those moments that can lift the spirits and ignite laughter. Pure spontaneous laughter.

I love these moments. It’s what brings the JOY to life. In these random moments, I hope you inhale every second and enjoy it!

I want to indulge you in one of our families “unordinary” moments.
The setting: Family Birthday Party.
The activity: Just sitting around talking and playing with birthday presents.
Prop: A rubber glow ball.
All ordinary things. Yet the perfect stage for something random to happen.
The clincher: Ball thrown at wrong target….target: unknown!

It was the perfect un-staged accident. We couldn’t stop laughing. Four years later, we still can’t stop laughing. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched this video, but it’s medicine is still effective.

Here’s to all those moments…Happy laughing.


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