Enjoy the Little Things in Life

Enjoy the little things in life

Our lives are so busy these days, too busy really. Everything is on the go! We hop in the car with our GoGo Applesauce, we grab Hot-and-Ready pizza on the way to sporting events and activities, and we even have Lunchables and pre-made peanut butter sandwiches to save us a few minutes in the morning. Grab-and-go perfectly describes our lives most days.

This week our POWER challenge is to enjoy the little things in life. Choose at least one little thing to do for or with someone you love. Read a book, smell a rose, hold a hand, give a kiss, fly a kite, sit on the porch, make a phone call, say “I love you”, leave a note, play a game, go for a walk, take time to talk, put away electronics, eat dinner together, make cookies, give extra hugs, or eat ice cream.

We can’t forget to do the little things in life, for one day we’ll look back and realize they were the big things. It truly is the little things that build unbreakable relationships and bonds us to the most important people in our lives.

Happy little things this week Imprinters!