Dream BIG…Dreams Come True

The minute I saw this I fell in love with Tim! What an inspiring and great reminder to all of us to dream big and to let those around us dream big. I think sometimes the latter is the hardest. We know what we are thinking, we know what we are dreaming, thinking, feelings and what our passions are, but when it comes to our kids, spouses, and friends dreams, are we supportive?

This video made got me thinking, what an amazing kid, and what amazing parents! I have a child who has always wanted to own her own restaurant. We haven’t discouraged her, we mostly just play along. I often find myself thinking, “That will never happen, maybe I should start talking to her about other things she can “really” do.” I personally have never wanted to own a restaurant because it seems difficult, stressful, hard hours, etc. So since those are my feelings about it, I’m less motivated to make it happen. However, I’m sure if her dreams aligned with mine, I’d be pushing full force to make it happen. It’s funny how we’re like that!

I admire this Dad and family for supporting and helping Tim fulfill his dream! What if we all did that in our families and with our friends? What if we were open minded and helped each other with their goals and dreams, even if they aren’t goals and dreams we’d set for ourselves? I mean more than, “Oh, that’s a great goal.” What if we were an active part in helping our family and friends achieve their goals? This video has inspired me to dream big, and to help others’ dreams come true!


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