Dream BIG

Dear Kids,

I heard the words in a song today reminding me of a time when there were only letters. It’s hard to believe that computers and cell phones didn’t always exist. Letters were anticipated and cherished. There is something different about seeing and holding words . Those words can never be forgotten.

Which is why I choose to write them for you. My letters to you are from my heart. In them are the thoughts and the desires that I hope for you. They are my gift to you!

Lately, I have been thinking about your potential. You are a child of God. You have the most beautiful gifts bestowed to each of you. It is His will that you learn about your gifts and talents and cultivate them. Grow them and use them for good in this world. You live in a great land where you can choose to become whatever you wish. I want you to achieve anything, be anything, do anything your heart wishes. The skies the limit and there’s no stopping you!

IF you want to be that Olympic Gymnast go for it! IF you want to be a renowned scientist go for it! IF you want to be a Doctor go for it! Whatever you want to be GO FOR IT!


The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams

I have done a lot of thinking about what my dream was when I was little. I remember it. To be honest, I have never forgotten, but I let fear distract me from it! God placed times in my life that showed me and reminded me that I was good at it, that I could GO FOR IT. But life gets busy and sometimes the dream gets put on hold. And then I get scared, wondering if it’s too late to start? It’s not. Don’t let fear and self doubt cloud your path.

Now’s the time for you to DREAM BIG!

I know you can reach your dreams.

Just: Believe, Try, Work Hard, and Don’t be Afraid of Failure

Please never give up on yourself. If you feel doubt, always know there is one person always rooting for you: ME! And there is always one person who wants the best for you: GOD! We are both here waiting to help you reach your potential!

Dream Big!

– Tasha

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