Donate Flyer Miles to Help Beat Cancer


David has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. It has spread all over his body. You can read more about him and his family HERE. In order to receive the treatment he needs to have a chance to survive, he has to travel to Minnesota from Idaho every three weeks. Medical bills and traveling expenses will add up very quickly and become very taxing. If you have any extra delta frequent flyer miles you’d like to donate, please email me at You can also donate money for other travel and medical expenses, by clicking HERE. Almost everyone knows someone who has been burdened with the diagnosis of cancer. If everyone donates a little, it will go a long ways, and burdens will be lighter. If you are not in the position to donate money or flyer miles, please pray for David and his family and help us share this imprint opportunity with others! Thank you Imprinters! You are the best! Thank you for helping us beat cancer!


-The Real Imprints Team