Define Yourself By Who You Are

Crayons Story

If I were to meet you in person, do you know what I would ask you? “What’s your favorite color?” Why that question? Because I don’t give a care what you have done or who you have been. Those things don’t matter. I care about your opinions and who you ARE. Too often people care about those flighty signs of “success” and “status.” They try to define themselves as being X, Y, or Z. Well guess what? Been there, done that. I’m moving on and that’s that. Those things can be gone in the blink of an eye–even something as simple as your hobbies. That’s why defining yourself by such is so useless.

I would know. I have lost all that I once defined myself by: my “status & position,” health, friends, and mind. I’ve known death, addiction, betrayal, and abuse. But I have decided something. That does NOT define me. Who I AM is much different than the mistakes I’ve made, the scars and baggage I carry. Who I truly AM at the core, is ME. I AM a unique living human being and I AM a child of God! Literally, as He is the father of my spirit–and yours too! That is what I am defined by; that is who I AM. Nothing in the universe can change that; it’s my nature. How amazing is that?! I’ve often heard it said, “If everyone is special, no one is.” Well with that logic those paper-wrapped-colored-wax-sticks in the Crayola box can’t all be crayons. Because, “If everyone is [a crayon], no one is.” See how stupid that is?! So smack yourself and move forward. Know that you are special.

So why your favorite color? Because there’s no pressure; it is unbiased, completely your own decision and no one else’s. So you like pink? Cool! You like black? Awesome! You like the bright orange of glowing coals left over from a burnt out fire? Good for you! Hey, you can even like multiple colors. It’s up to YOU. It’s your decision. You can determine your own likes and dislikes, so why not who you will become? Resolve with me to, “be a little better and stand a little taller.” “Decisions determine destiny.” So you made it for an hour before falling back on old habits? Way to go! So did I. But we made it a whole HOUR. One whole hour of living your own life a little better than if you had not tried at all.

Just remember to “doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.” Have faith in yourself. Know that your life is precious no matter how miserable, burdensome, or hopeless you feel. Know that you are in charge. Know that it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Know that you can fight through the tears, heartache, and sorrow. So say to yourself, “What’s my favorite color? Who am I really? My decisions determine my own destiny and I can keep going.” Scars, mistakes, and baggage don’t matter–they are the “clothing” you happen to be wearing. They are NOT who you ARE. Instead of caring about what other people have done, or the position they hold, join me in caring about their opinions and who they ARE. “What’s your favorite color?”

By the way, my favorite color is a bright blue with a touch of green. Almost, but not quite a turquoise.

Written by: Anonymous

This story was seen first on Real Imprints.