Deep Pride in the USA

Pride in the USA

The day he was deployed to Afghanistan

My life as a military spouse lasted 4 years. Initially we joined the Army to pay off school debt. What we received in return was more than we could imagine. Military life is hard. You are told what to do, where and when to do it. Although the negative aspects come with any job, what we were given in return was worth it.

So what made it worth it? The deep pride in the USA. The closeness of a other military families. Financially taken care of. The “little” things like access to medical coverage, discounts, and access to tax free groceries. Those are things that anyone in the military receives. What surprised me was the excitement my husband contained for serving his country. It made him happy to serve his country. I mean happy as in, it took me a few months for me to begin to understand how he had a good attitude about deploying for 9 months. I remember the day he came home and told me his unit was deploying. I knew it was coming but I was also 5 months pregnant and afraid that they would leave before our daughter was born. We were blessed that he didn’t leave until she was 3 months old. I remember being really anxious as the time drew closer and I asked a friend, whom had her husband deploy a few years earlier, what advice she had for me. (I was a wreck). Brady - John and CarrieShe gave me a lot of good advice,  but the one thing that really spoke to me was to look for the good and the positive during the deployment. It wasn’t hard folks…during the deployment my neighbors served us atleast each week. Mowing the lawn, delivering fresh garden vegetables, offering to watch my 4 small children. These are people I had only known for a few months. When I asked why they were being so kind, they responded by saying that’s what a military family is for. My church family was an even bigger support. From dinners to phone calls, to a surprise DQ Blizzard at my door after a hard day. His deployment to Afghanistan blessed our marriage in ways I never thought possible. Although life within the military isn’t all peachy, I wouldn’t trade the meaningful memories and experiences we had for anything. Happy 4th of July and thank a soldier next time you see one.

Story written by: Carrie

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