Dear Girls – When You Have One of Those “I’m Failing at Everything” Days

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Dear Girls,

If it hasn’t already happened to you, it will, and believe me…it ain’t fun. Pretty sure every woman has felt it.

It goes like this, you start feeling kind of down about this or that, you try talking yourself through it, in a desperate effort to pull yourself out of it and pick yourself back up again, and then BOOM! it hits! You start to feel like you are failing in every single thing in your life! Everything!

If you haven’t experienced this, this might be sounding weird, but if you have then you’re giving a big fat head nod right about now.

So I want to talk to you a little about this big boom so hopefully it will happen a little less and so you will come out alive and ready to conquer when it does happen!

1. Remember it is a distorted truth (a.k.a a lie) – for some reason women are so incredibly hard on themselves. We can do a million and one things right and one thing wrong, and that one wrong thing is what takes front and center on the stage in our minds. There may will be many things that you won’t do perfectly right. Which brings us to my next point…

2. Let it be water under the bridge – when you make a mistake, learn from it and let it pass on by. DO NOT hold on to the things you do wrong. It will only hinder and hurt you. Albert Einstein gave some great advice, he said, “Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.” I think he had girls and women in mind when he said that!

3. Hit your knees – when any negative thoughts start creeping in, hit your knees! To be honest, I think the BOOM! doesn’t happen nearly as often when you hit your knees as soon as they start showing their ugly head. If you humbly turn to Heavenly Father to know and feel of your worth, you will feel His unconditional love. It’s crazy! Every single time it works. He will give you hope and purpose despite your imperfections, help you realize you are enough in His eyes, and you will suddenly feel empowered to do and be better because who else really matters? Satan is the father of lies and the master of discouragement, doubt, and despair. Don’t let his snares catch you. Always hit your knees and turn to the Father of truth, hope, and purpose! He’ll never leave you alone!

4. Talk to yourself – a little positive mental self-talk can go a long ways. Give yourself a little therapy session. Remind yourself of the above 1, 2, and 3. Remind yourself of your worth. Tell yourself all the good things you’ve done. Laugh at yourself for making a mistake. Tell yourself it’s okay to make mistakes. List things you did do that day, week, or month. The one rule with this is that it’s a no negative self-talk zone. You have to stop it and replace it with something positive. You may end up having a war in your mind, but you keep fighting until the positive wins! You’re worth it!

5. Serve someone – you might get sick of me saying this, but service heals many wounds. Of course some women serve and then beat themselves up about how they served. For heaven’s sake (literally) please don’t do that. Forget yourself and love and serve others. It’s a medicine that will always work if you serve with meaning, forget yourself, and love others. You’ll feel better every time!

Girls, just remember these 5 little tips when you have one of those “I’m failing at everything” days, because they will come. You may have small booms and you may have BOOMS! that knock you off your feet, but if you do these things, you will always rise up and conquer! The Lord will never leave you alone!

Love you!


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