Dear Girls…Please Remember


Dear Girls,

I took you to see one of my favorite statues. As I saw you looking up at this mighty figure, I saw an image I never want to forget, and more importantly, I never want you to forget.

Thanks to the convenience of my smart phone camera, I will always be able to see it just as it was. I hope this image leaves an impression on you like it has on me.

As you grow, and the storms of life knock you down, and the pressures of peers make you feel small, and the temptations of jealousy and envy poke their ugly face up at you, please remember who you should always look up to and where true happiness will consistently and continuously be.

This person isn’t in magazines, this person hasn’t won any grammy’s or awards, He doesn’t have a talk show, money, or earthly mansions. He’s not a big business owner. He doesn’t share exclusive offers and best kept secrets on how to be famous or likable. He doesn’t have a doctorate degree to hang on His wall or letters to put behind His name. He won’t even have any secret diets to lose weight in 30 days or how to look younger longer, but girls…He has many “secrets” that many won’t take the time to notice or listen to.

His secrets aren’t superficial trends with short term results or happiness. His secrets hold eternal and lasting results. They are simple. They are there for all to see if they will but look and notice them. They aren’t exclusive for the elite, educated, and rich. They are for everyone…rich or poor, young or old, married or single, black or white.

So when you’re checking out at the store and you see racks and racks of magazines, and you are tempted to look up to someone on those trivial pages, please remember who holds the real secrets.





Your skin will wrinkle. Your body will sag. Your money will lose it’s significance….and at that point, it will be obvious which best kept secrets consumed your precious time.

Spend your time reading about and learning about Christ and Christlike people because that is where you will find all the secrets to lasting happiness. If you spend your time buried in glamour magazines or diet books, you will find yourself discouraged, jealous, envious, and miserable! On the contrary, if you fill your time with good books, uplifting music, and inspiring people…always remembering that Christ is the real “celebrity”, you will be happy for others in their successes and content with yourself, inside and out.

One last thing, please remember to always look up to Christ. He will always love you and be there for you. He will never change to fit in with the crowd, or turn his back on you. His secrets will always be the answer to lasting happiness.

Girls, thank you for engraving this image in my mind. It will always be a reminder to me of who I want to look up to, and I hope it does the same for you.

Merry Christmas!

Forever and Always,


Note from the Author: “Dear Girls” are letters I write to my girls about things I want them to know and remember on their journey through life. My hope is that it will help them, and ALL girls, know how awesome life and being a girl can be! I read every letter I write to my girls. Letters can sometimes communicate things better than anything else. I love reading these letters to my girls and the discussions we have as a result. My hope is that it will spark many memorable conversations in this household of estrogen overload!:-)


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