Dear Girls….What You Need to Be

Self Worth

Dear Girls,

You and your friends will face crazy amounts of pressure from the world, to look, act, and be a certain way. If you attempt to listen and live up to these deceiving expectations, you will feel confused, conflicted, insecure and unhappy. There is no long term happiness in the life that the world portrays as ideal. This life is completely opposite to the life God wants us to lead. It is selfish, God wants us to be selfless. It is vain, God wants us to be humble. It tells us our outer beauty matters most, God tells us it’s our inner beauty that matters most. The world focuses on ranks and status, the Lord tells us it’s not a competition. The world says to do things how and when we want, the Lord says to have a humble heart and a contrite spirit. You’re probably starting to see how truly conflicted and confused you will be if you try to please both God and the world. It is impossible.

Trying to live both lives will undoubtedly be discouraging, but if you focus on what God wants of you, the discouragement, confusion, insecurity, and even hopelessness, will be replaced with hope, passion, peace and purpose.

I don’t need to give you a list of what the world wants you to be because those things are loud and surround you everyday, but what God wants you to be is often not spoken of and can be easily forgotten.

God needs:

  • Women with strength
  • Women with conversion
  • Women with conviction
  • Women with ability to lead
  • Women with wisdom
  • Women who make sacred covenants and then keep them
  • Women who can speak with the power and authority of God!
  • Women who are organized
  • Women who can organize
  • Women who can teach
  • Women with executive ability who can plan and direct and administer
  • Women who can speak out
  • We need women with the gift of discernment who can view the trends in the world and detect those that, however popular, are shallow or dangerous
  • Women who know how to make important things happen by their faith
  • Women who are courageous defenders of morality and families in a sin-sick world
  • Women who are devoted to shepherding God’s children along the covenant path toward exaltation
  • Women who know how to receive personal revelation
  • Women who understand the power and peace of the temple endowment
  • Women who know how to call upon the powers of heaven to protect and strengthen children and families
  • Women who teach fearlessly
  • Women with impressions
  • Women with insights
  • Women with inspiration
  • We need you to speak up and speak out in ward and stake councils
  • We need women who can detect deception in all of its forms
  • We need women who know how to access the power that God makes available to covenant keepers
  • Women who express their beliefs with confidence and charity
  • Women who have the courage and vision of our Mother Eve
  • Women who have a bedrock understanding of the doctrine of Christ and who will use that understanding to teach and help raise a sin resistant generation

(My wonderful friend, Lucy Yorgason, compiled this list from a talk by President Russell M. Nelson, A Plea to My Sisters.)

Girls…these are the type of girls and women we need!

Last thing, you don’t have to be it all! God has blessed you with some of these traits, you can pray to gain others, and He’ll bless you with other girls and women in your life that have gifts you don’t have. Love yourself for the gifts you have, and love others for the gifts they have. Remember, it’s not a competition or coincidence, it’s an eternal plan. God gave you specific gifts for specific reasons, and He has done the same for others. Let’s remember why we are here, and work together to get back to our Lord and Savior who created us and this world.

God’s list is the one you want to look to, not the worlds. You’re worth more than the world tells you to be. You’re worth what God tells you to be!

Note from the Author: “Dear Girls” are letters I write to my girls to help them on their journey of life. My hope is that it will help them, and all girls, know how awesome life and being a girl is! I read every letter I write to my girls. Letters can sometimes communicate things better than anything else. I love reading these letters to my girls and the discussions we have as a result. I look forward to many memorable and meaningful conversations with my girls.