Complete Surrender in the Midst of Adoption

Complete Surrender……….this is where I am living right now. Complete surrender to my Lord’s will, His purpose, and His plan in this journey we are on. Oh, but it is such a hard place to stay for those of us that like to take control and “make things happen.” I am a “doer,” constantly striving and working as hard as I can to make the life that I want…until now. I am learning that adoption is not something you can “make happen.” Sure, there’s plenty of busy paperwork, the home study, and legal work that has to be done, but after that is done then you wait…and wait…and wait some more!

As you will see in our video, we have survived some horrific times. But this I know: God IS faithful. He provides. He rescues. And He saves. I am thankful that He spared my life thru three terrible pregnancies full of complications and loss. I am thankful that he gave us one beautiful daughter that is so full of faith and love. She encourages my faith and tells me often to “keep believing.” She is a treasure and gift. Our little miracle, we say.

We have been on this adoption journey for nearly three years now. We have had multiple failed matches. We have brought foster to adopt children into our home that did not work out in the end. Throughout this journey many times I have questioned God and His purpose in all of this. It feels so cruel and mean to go thru so much pain and loss over and over again. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride. And yet, as we continue on this journey I am learning to choose to be content, in this day. In this moment that I am living right now. Of course I long and desire for more children, but I am choosing to be content with the amazing husband and daughter that I do have. I am choosing to not lose sight of the blessing I have right in front on me. Focusing on the Lord and His perfect plan. But, oh it is SO hard! It really is a process of letting go of my dreams, my hopes, and submitting to His will. Whatever that may be. I am resting in this: Psalm 18:30 says, “As for God, His way is perfect”.

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Jeffrey T. Sheehan at 208-287-4499 or
Our home study is complete and approved.

Waiting has been and continues to be a challenge. It is a test of our trust and faith in a God who will adopt anyone into His family. Thank you for taking a moment to share this and becoming a part of our story!