Choose to Disconnect

Times have changed, and we have to make a conscious effort, if we want to stay connected to our spouse, kids, friends, and family. There is so much mindless and instant entertainment available at our fingertips. For people that are in such a high pace, go go go, and busy society, “mindless entertainment” is very tempting! We also have amazing educational, inspiring, life changing, information at my fingertips, but it’s no secret what I’m usually drawn to and what I usually choose.

Today, my one year old was pulling and crying at my leg. I was quickly responding to a text and then it hit me, my other babies did not have me texting and playing with my phone when they were babies. Life was so much different then. It was so simple. My baby will live if I can’t get to her right away on occasion, but it made me sad for a minute. I don’t want her growing up, with a memory of the phone in my hand…and that goes for all of my children, but for some reason it hit me hard in that moment with her. We need to choose to get, be, or stay connected! We need to make the choice and then recommit often! There is just too much at our fingertips to think that we can commit once and then call it good. We are human and there are times we’re going to give in to the addicting side of social media and free fun entertainment, but I’m afraid we are going to be full of regrets if we don’t decide now, that we are going to choose to stay connected to our family and friends, not to our phone. As much as I love Siri, she is not real! We need to remember that!:-)

My “Choose to Connect” goals:

1. Blog/Facebook what I live, DON’T live to blog/Facebook. 

2. Have “unplugged” dates with my hubby! (We’ll put a special ring for the babysitter, but other than that, the phone stays in my pocket.)

3. When I pick my kids up from activities or school, at least be phone free for a few minutes so we can reconnect!

4. When my phone beeps or rings, that doesn’t mean I have to answer or respond right then! (My husband and kids are priority!)

5. When I am at a park or kids activities, put down the phone! (Enjoy watching them play, swing, and interact…it’s healthy!)

We are so blessed to have so much greatness at our fingertips, but let’s not forget to stay connected to what’s most important and will last the longest and make us truly content and happy.


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