Celebrate the Little Things

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As the first month of school comes to an end I can see that we’ve settled into a nice routine.  Kids wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, make their lunches, and leave for school.  I spend my hours entertaining my lone child at home (so weird!), cleaning, errand-running, reading and such.  Then the kids all come home from school and so begins our afternoon life of homework, questions, meal prep, after school activities, and bedtime.  It’s the same ol’ story every day. I find myself needing more.  I’m not one who likes monotony in life.  And though I love the movie Groundhog’s Day, I definitely do not want to live the same day over and over and over again!

Back when I was homeschooling I would incorporate quirky holiday celebrations into our curriculum.  We would decorate cakes on cake decorating day, make gumdrop graphs on gumdrop day, send balloons up in the air on Balloons Around the World day. I would read stories about the founding of our country during Constitution Week or have some fun games prepared for Punctuation Day.

But as this school year continues, I’ve been thinking.  Why did I stop?  Those mini-celebrations have become some of my favorite memories!  Does the tradition have to stop just because my kids now go to public school?  We all can add a little newness to our days by adding small moments of joy (and even silliness).

Why not make each day a little more spunky!?  Today I just might have country music playing for the kids when they get home from school, it’s National Country Music day.  Next week I’m going to slip some white chocolate kisses in their lunches for White Chocolate Day.  Darn it!  I already missed National Waffle week, that would have been fun.  But Pancake Week comes up in February.  I like to make different kinds of pancakes that week.  Chess tournament anyone?  National Chess Day is October 13th.  And October 18th I just might have chocolate cupcakes ready as an after school treat.

Every day does not need to be exciting and extravagant.  Not every day has a holiday worth celebrating. But having a few fun things each month really helps break up the monotony of the routine, adds joy to our day and is one small thing that brings our family a little closer together.


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