Can You Hear the Genuine Within Yourself?

Quiet is sometimes uncomfortable in our fast pace, easy, and instant access society, but oh how it is so essential! We have to find time to be quiet. If we don’t, we’ll miss the quiet things, which are the most important things.

I was praying to know how I could be more in tune with the Spirit. Now that my kids are getting older and are dealing with their own unique challenges, I’m realizing that Heavenly Father is our best resource for knowing what each specific child needs. I found myself asking, “How is He supposed to communicate with me if I’m always on the go and never still enough to listen?” I got a prompting to turn off the radio when I’m alone in the van. So now, even when I feel like jamming out to some good music when I’m alone and feeling fancy and free, I am learning to be quiet. When I do this, God teaches me about myself and about others.

Our Power Challenge this week is to find time in your day to be quiet and to listen. Find the genuine within yourself, and within others. This is something we can’t afford to miss out on!

Can you hear the genuine within yourself?