Can God Fix My Marriage?

Can God fix my marriage? It’s a legitimate question. I sometimes wonder if God is really there, or if He cares about what I care about. Can God really heal my most intimate and personal relationships?

And yet, it is said that “with God, all things are possible.” If that is true, then let’s proceed with faith and look at ways in which He can fix your marriage.

HOW Can God Fix My Marriage?

Some time ago, I interviewed Carrie M. Wrigley, a licensed therapist, who boldly declared that God can, indeed, help with marital problems. She says that “the Savior’s example can [show me] what I need to do in my relationships.”

She then shared the Biblical story of an adulterous woman. The woman (whose name we do not know) was taken to Jesus and her accusers asked Him if they should stone her. The Savior paused before saying “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

In the interview, Carrie shared a touching, personal experience of how this Biblical story saved her marriage. “I realized, if He could extend that kind of mercy, that kind of understanding to that poor, wretched woman who found herself in such difficult and embarrassing conditions—then maybe, just maybe, I could find it in my heart to extend just a little bit of Mercy and compassion, and understanding to a husband who was struggling to do his best.”

She then went on to say:

More often than not, none of us deserve kindness—we’re all blowing it, all the time—we’re all making mistakes. It is a miracle when an individual learns [to be like] the Savior and love when it isn’t deserved. I love the statement in First John, “We love Him because He first loved us.” The Savior always loves us first—when we don’t deserve it. When we have done nothing, of ourselves, to merit His grace, His mercy, His understanding—and yet He loves us anyway.

Watch the INCREDIBLE interview below to learn more ways in which God can help heal your marriage!