Brooke’s Unforgettable Birthday

BrookeMy name is Brooke. I like sports, treats, movie nights, back packing, boating and having fun with friends. I’m 10 years old. For my birthday I chose to go to the old folks home. My great grandma lives there, I call her “Grandma Great”. When I got there I felt really good because I knew it would make her happy and all of people that live there. I went there once and played the piano and it made everyone so happy so I wanted to go there again and sing Christmas carols. I invited my cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents to carol with me. First I played a few Christmas songs on the piano and then we sang some carols. After the songs, they clapped and one lady was giving us thank you notes for coming. They were all so happy! It made me feel good inside! After we caroled, we got to have soup and ice cream with my great grandma.

A few days after, Grandma Great called me and told me how happy it made her and how much it meant to her! She also talked to my mom about it and told her that she couldn’t believe I would choose to go there for my birthday. I will never forget that birthday!

Story written by: Brooke

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