Breakfast in Bed


Today the kids brought me breakfast in bed. It was a sweet surprise.

School had been delayed due to cold weather and I was enjoying an extra hour of sleep. The sound of hungry children inched through my door, and I knew they wouldn’t last long. Moments later, to my surprise, breakfast was served: French toast with a side of banana syrup! They were radiating smiles.

“Mom we made breakfast for you today. We saved the best french toast for you.” said my Clara

The gesture was sincere and kind. I felt humbled that they took advantage of the morning to show that they loved me. They could’ve easily slept in (like me) or turned on some cartoons. But instead they served.

They went back downstairs to feed themselves and I was left alone to ponder my thoughts.

Making breakfast had become a mundane task for me, performed every morning day after day. It was a duty; a responsibility. Yet when my kids made breakfast for me it was special. It was love shared through service.

Every morning, noon, and night, I clean up one meal only to begin a few hours later for the next. I feed them, wash their clothes, sign their homework, clean the bathroom, and read a story at night. It’s part of my daily routine, but for them it’s more. It is an expression of love. They know I love them because I feed them. They know I love them because I help with homework or read them a story. They know I love them because I put their needs before my own. Sure, I am exhausted half the time, but I still do it. Why? Because I love them. I love them so much that I want to serve them, to take care of them. And here, this very morning they were saying the same thing to me in a way they knew I’d understand. I had forgotten that it was more than just my duty and responsibility. It was my opportunity to show I care.

They taught me that morning that the biggest expression of love is serving those we love. All thanks to some french toast with a side of banana.


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french toast” image by stu-spivack. CC BY-SA 2.0.