What if we Began Each Day as if it were on Purpose?

Begin each day

Days come and go and it’s easy to just let it happen and not think much of it. What if we began each day as if it were on purpose?

What does that even mean?

If I do something because I have to or out of routine, I am often way less motivated and I just go through the motions. But when I have or feel a purpose in whatever I am doing, I give it my all, I plan, I prepare, and I enjoy what I’m doing. It is so different than when I thoughtlessly let things happen and just go through the motions.

THE POWER CHALLENGE THIS WEEK IS TO FOCUS ON STARTING EACH DAY WITH PURPOSE AND ON PURPOSE! Don’t just let the days come and go without thought this week. Think about what your days purpose is going to be the night before. Then when you wake up, review your thoughts from the night before and make a commitment to live that one day with a purpose and on purpose. 

As you consider what you are going to do to start your day on purpose and live your day with purpose, consider including service in your day. It will make all the difference!