Be Yourself

Be Yourself

I have a daughter that marches to the beat of her own drum.  She is comfortable being herself and I love that about her. I am sure you know a child like this. Better yet, you probably have one of your own!

One of my daughter’s strongest characteristics is she doesn’t care about what others think of her. She is who she is.

Since she could walk, she would dress herself. Her outfits were….something unusual. She would layer multiple items and don’t be surprised to see her come down in candy cane tights, maroon leotard, pink tutu and brown sweater to dance class. Just today, she put on a pink and white exercise shirt, a dark turquoise flowery pioneer dress, and green stretchy pants complete with side pony and poke-a-dot bow (she insisted on doing her own hair). I think you get my point.

And as fate would have it, I just finished reading Star Girl, a story about a young girl who isn’t afraid to be herself.  Immediately I thought of Clara. I am pretty sure there is a lesson in all this… for me anyway. It can be summed up in a common phrase; in fact I can imagine my mom saying it to me right now.

 Be YOURSELF- Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t worry about what others’ think. What matters is how you feel about yourself.

This is often easier said than done especially when childhood fades and teenage years suck self-esteem and confidence. If I could go back and tell my 16 yr. old self that I don’t need to change myself to please others, that I don’t need to worry about what other’s think about me because I am capable of everything, I think life would have been a little easier. Honestly, it is the unique traits about myself that make me who I am. It is what makes me great!

I was thinking about all the things that make me who I am…

I LOVE mint ice-cream!

I shop at second hand stores (super addicting)!

I secretly want to be a congresswoman!

I want to travel to all 50 states and all 7 continents!- I have a gypsy heart

I struggle with Change!

I watch old movies!

I get aggressive when I play basketball!

I march to my own drum and that’s okay. God made us all unique.

Thank goodness or life would be just plain. I learned a great lesson from Clara today, never be afraid to be Myself!

So tell me (in a one liner) what you have learned from your unique children? 


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