A Message of Hope

Real Imprints

I’m Lainee. I am 14 years old. I live in Utah. I would love to share my story of how I went from being the oldest child of 4, to being the middle of 12.

Our family is a foster family. My family IS Diversity! 🙂 I have witnessed many miracles in my life through the ups and downs along our journey of foster care.

I wrote a journal entry that sums up my feelings of the past 9 years and posted it on my family’s blog Munchkins and Miracles. I would like to share a message of hope, love, endurance, and faith through trials that turn into unforeseen blessings! Life is hard, it’s meant to be! If it wasn’t hard we wouldn’t learn or know how to appreciate the rainbow that follows a storm.

I’ve learned that change can be amazing and we need to take chances!  I’ve learned to put myself out there and keep working at my talents and focusing on the positives until I reach my goals.

I love music and what I’ve seen it do for people. I love to sing. I guess I could call it a passion. I spend most of my time singing! I love to share beautiful messages of hope and love and raise awareness for children who are being abused, who need a home and family, who may be struggling to fit in, or just need to feel something through the power of music and the gift I have been given!

I dream to sing for the world one day and I believe I will!

Here is a song I recorded recently and a link to my blog post! Thanks, Lainee McDonald



Story written by: Lainee
Picture taken by Valerie Hart Photography.
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