A Dream Realized: Beginning of Alive^3


If I can take just a moment and say something about this story and how it came to be! To me, every contact I encounter for this site is orchestrated by God. Nothing is an accident. Last year our family attended Jellystone Park here in North Carolina (https://www.facebook.com/yogibearmarion), complete with Yogi Bear and the whole gang. It was a great family experience and we had nothing short of a fun time! I joined their email list and never thought much of it. But this past year, I have started an amazing adventure with Real Imprints and Alex has started an amazing adventure with Alive! It just so happened that I received an email from them explaining his mission and his upcoming race. I was impressed with his charity… how he was helping people’s dreams come true, bringing hope to others who have gone through trials and hard times. I knew that we had the same mission! His message we feel compelled to share with you! Tasha


The BOYS that started everything” and how Alive^3 came to be

The birth of my son Phoenix was a changing point for me. Prior to receiving him in my arms. I worked close to 80 hours a week, tethered to my phone and email. I was always focused on the next step. My business grew 3 fold over 6 years and we were quickly at a staff of over 20. While the success was great, my relationship with God and my wife Danielle struggled. They weren’t my priority. Work was. When Phoenix was born, my life changed. I made a decision to live for God, him and my family. I made choices to enhance balance as well as explore things I enjoy. I dropped my iPhone for a flip phone, traded direct tv for a roku, and adjusted staffing to get me closer to a normal work schedule. Most importantly when I was home I was home, enjoying my family. I also made time to explore my creative and adventurous side. I was ALIVE. Then in June, a boy nearly drowned in the park I operate. The lifeguard performed CPR for two minutes before he came back to consciousness. At that moment I thought of Phoenix, and what if that was him. I thought of the possibility of death and how real it is. I decided I needed to begin my Journey with Alive^3 and help others embrace each moment and live life to its fullest. This letter was received by the boy who’s life was saved. Life is too short to let it pass us by.


What Alive^3 “alive cubed” is in my words: 

Alive^3 is a non-profit set up to inspire, enrich, and fund life. When Mind, Body, and Soul are in balance, life is elevated. Our mission is to help people balance their lives and live them to the fullest, as God intended. In other words, “Own Your Today.” We are developing tools and resources to help people do this.

We are also sponsoring athletes in various events throughout the US. Our proceeds fund exceptional individuals who have sacrificed their dreams by putting others ahead of themselves—individuals whose circumstances were so extreme that they never had the opportunity to pursue their own dreams.

Ex: A mother whose husband passes, and she takes on the responsibility of raising her 4 kids on her own. She never was able to do that hiking trip through Patagonia. We are funding that, We are funding life.

We are also in the process of developing a retreat here in North Carolina to help people align talents, skill sets, and passions to find their purpose. The retreat will be called “Serendipity” We hope to break ground on this over the off-season. To start, we look to feature 4-5 creek side cabins. a sweat lodge, mineral pool and a communal area all nestled in the great outdoors. A natural way to reflect per say. Once the property is purchased, we look to offer a training center for racers who are raising money for Alive^3 to train and further our reach to help people.


My Race: A Dream Come True
A dream come true: I finished ! What an amazing race. 63 miles and 10 thousand feet of elevation gain doesn’t really do this race justice so here is a bit about my experience. First 26 miles were completed around 3 hours. Shortly thereafter I began to cramp. Regardless of how many GU packs or how much water I consumed, my quads were locking, to the point that I could see my muscle move up and down my legs. I was in near tears because I was seriously concerned I wouldn’t be able to finish. God provided a way, as he always does. I experienced a part of me that I have never seen. I was able to block out pain, people helped me. I had 4 hard falls, one with head to head contact with a tree, another that put me in an eight foot hole. On my head to head with a tree, I hit at the perfect angle only breaking my front visor. I couldn’t have finished this race by myself but God’s helpers were there. A guy named Dan stopped and reached his hand down what I would say was a near vertical grade and pulled my bike out of the ravine. I was on all fours climbing out. Even walking at this point was excruciating. I consumed over 300 ounces of water, salt pills, hammer drinks – nothing helped. While the pain was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt, I never felt more connected to God. I knew I was going to finish. When my body couldn’t, my soul took over. Two hills I will always remember, Heartbreak ridge and Curtis Creek Road. These two, made Kitsuma a known black diamond look like child’s play. Curtis Creek road was 9 miles with over twenty five hundred feet of elevation gain. My previous miles were sub 6. When I hit this, I was averaging 20 minute miles and passing people. As I faced my most challenging moments, my support crew was there to root me on and give me that needed push. I felt bliss at moments, I couldn’t stop smiling. Maybe I was going crazy but as I said, God took over and guided me home. I finished the race in 9 hours, 6 minutes 322nd place out of 500 racers from all over the country. 125 racers didn’t finish.I met a few really great people along the way. Crossing the finish line was a top 3 experience for me. Thank you to all who came. I will never forget your faces of excitement when I finished. The tears, the hugs are now part of me.
Thank you. Alivecubed has officially began, a dream has been realized.
Story submitted by: Alex
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