A Conference of Hope

Real Imprints
We are so excited to be sponsoring the A Reason to Stand – The Unspoken Truth You Are Enough conference! As you know, we love hope and inspiration and that is exactly what this conference is all about! Ashlee Birk, from The Moments We Stand, will speak as well as many other qualified and incredible speakers that are flying in from all over the country!

If you need your cup filled (and let’s be honest, don’t we all?), and you live in Boise, or want to come to Boise, this is going to be an awesome event! Ashley has generously offered a free ticket to give away! Follow the steps above and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner!!! Also, if you know anyone that would benefit from the conference, but doesn’t have the means to pay for it, please let us know.

If you go, look for our booth! We will be there!


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