A Call to Serve

Marys House

Recently I heard about the lack of funding for Mary’s House in Upstate South Carolina and it broke my heart. Mary’s house is an amazing organization that is much needed in today’s society. The team at Mary’s House is built on the foundation of Christ and the desire to help women escape domestic abuse situations.

Mary’s House not only houses women in desperate situations, it protects them from becoming victims within their own homes and gives them a chance to gain the independence and confidence they need to reenter the world with a sense of security and well-being. Mary’s House not only offers a safe place for the women and children that are trying to escape abuse, it also offers career counseling, GED training, 3 meals a day, and one on one support from a team of counselors and volunteers. The beautiful home that the women are placed in is located in a remote area with security surveillance to keep the women safe from harm. Each family is given ample space to relax and recover from whatever situation they may be coming out of. It is a safe haven for these women and their children to help them regain their lives.

The women helped at Mary’s House are usually women and children that are trying to escape domestic abuse. Despite the degree of violence and abuse in the home, the staff and volunteers at Mary’s House open their arms and hearts to these women and welcome them to a chance for survival.

The women range in ages starting as early as 18. Some of them have young children to protect and no one to lean on but their will to survive. When I look into the eyes of the women in this home, I can see the fear they live in each day, the struggle they try to hide to protect their children, and their desire to survive. They need your help, your prayers, and your support.

It’s sad to see how many domestic abuse victims don’t even know about this shelter or the help they can receive from this home. Even more devastating to me is the fact that this home is on the verge of shutting down. Recently a lady I know found herself in a bad situation, a relationship that left her and her child homeless. The first day I met her, we spent hours searching for homeless shelters that would take her in, yet no one was truly suited for her situation. All of the homeless shelters were either booked or had open area sleeping arrangements that terrified her. This lady had experienced sexual abuse as a child, family members within her home were addicted to drugs/alcohol, and she had nowhere to go. She needed shelter yet she feared living in a home where she shared a sleeping area with men, women, and children from all sorts of different situations.

My family and I couldn’t imagine putting her on the street with her young child so we took her in until we could find her more help. Our home is nowhere near big enough to add another family; however, we did what we could to help her in her time of need.

Weeks passed by and after tearful nights of praying and searching for guidance, I praise God that Mary’s House was able to take her and her baby in so that she was not left homeless and alone. I know the details about this situation may seem vague but to keep her safe I have to limit the information released.

She has a long way to go to gain her independence and confidence in herself but I honestly believe that Mary’s House can and will help her find hope in her situation. She is one of thousands of women that need help escaping domestic abuse. Her recovery is just beginning, and without your help, it may end before it even gets started.

Mary’s house saves lives every day, yet South Carolina only has 1 small shelter designated for domestic abuse victims. Currently this shelter can only house less than 10 families at a time.

I believe that we are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and we are to serve wherever there is a need.

Mary’s House has a need; a need for volunteers, a need for prayer, and a need for donations and support to keep their doors open.

I’m nowhere near rich in a financial stance but I have the gift of God in my heart and the desire to help others.

If you are able, I ask you to serve this community by helping this home stay in business. If you are not able to give financially, I ask that you continuously pray for this shelter and the women and children that suffer from domestic abuse every day.

I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe that together we can make a difference.

To find out more information about Mary’s House, you can visit: www.MarysHouse.com