9 Days Until Haiti – Go Team Haiti

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We have a tradition in our family where every Monday we have a family night and at the end, we all put our hands in and do a family team cheer! If someone in the family is struggling or needs a little extra support, we throw our hands in and do an extra little cheer to remind them we have their back and they can do it! It’s something we started about 6 years ago to encourage a family member to be courageous during a difficult time and it’s stuck!

For the last month when we’d bring up going to Haiti, the emotions were a mixed bowl; excited, nervous, sad, anxious, happy. Usually as we talked, tears would start filling someone’s eyes and so we’d come to the conclusion that maybe it’d be best to just wait until it got closer to talk about it.

All I can say is our little supporters are champs! As the time nears, their prayers that we will be safe and that we will be able to help the people and orphans in Haiti have increased. It’s sweet to hear. We know it’s such a sacrifice and takes a lot of courage on their part. I know they’ve overheard some of the adventures that happen in Haiti and all the precautions we have to take and they are still holding it together!

Real Imprints

I took these pictures to tell my sister thank you for the cute bracelets she sent my girls. As I was looking at the hand one, it reminded me of our family cheer and how it perfectly applies to this trip! These amazing kids of ours have been such a support, even though I know they’d prefer we stayed on safe ground with them. They are supporting us and adding their faith to ours!

We’re definitely going to have to put our hand in and do a cheer for TEEEEAM HAAAAITI! I wish we could do a big cheer with everyone who has been involved…as I see the list grow of Haiti Imprinters, I’m overcome with love for everyone who’s been a part of this adventure! It’s so amazing to see people of all ages, come together to support the amazing people of Haiti!

Grandma and Grandpa T should get team captain awards for taking over while we’re away! They’re amazing and we couldn’t do this without them!

Thank you to everyone who is part of TEAM HAITI! If you’ve donated time, talents, money, items, or any kind of support to this cause, you are part of the Team! Imagine sticking your hand in with everyone else on the team and cheering TEEEEEAM HAAAAAITI!!!!

Only 9 more days!!!


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