8 Days Until Haiti – Fundraising Prep

Real Imprints

Today I’ve been painting “I can do hard things” blocks to sell at our bake sale on Friday! I had a last minute idea to include some in the sale and so the wonderful and talented Michelle is helping make it happen! It’s given me a whole new appreciation for KayCee­čÖé She is in another city so we didn’t have time to have them shipped so she gave me some tips and we’re┬ámaking it happen!

I was talking to Michelle yesterday and we were laughing because when things go wrong, there is no better saying to be working with than “I can do hard things”.:-) It’s pretty encouraging!

These cute blocks are available to order on the site! We have a long way to go to reach our goal and this is a great way to contribute to a good cause and receive something meaningful in return!

I just got a text┬átoday saying that one of the orphanages that we are going to is in need of beds. Real Imprints would love to provide some beds for this orphanage if we have the funding! It’s a small enough orphanage that we could really make a difference by purchasing some beds for them! If we receive enough funding, we will purchase┬ásome┬ámuch needed beds for those sweet orphans while we are there. It’s so sad to me that they don’t have these basics needs…like a bed….things we take so for granted. So if you are interested in donating for this cause, please donate HERE.┬á

We’ve had so much support for the bake sale and I can’t wait for delicious treats┬áto start rolling in tonight! My kids are begging to miss school so they can help me bake….I am tempted I will admit it! We’ll see if I cave in.:-)

8 more days!!!


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