7 Days Until Haiti – Our Last Fundraiser

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Our bake sale was a success! There were so many generous people who generated baked goods and who came and bought items to support the cause! My husband and I were talking about how inspiring some people are, often complete strangers! Their goodness just oozes out! It’s awesome! I love doing things like this because it’s just a reminder of how many good people there are!

I got to spend the day with a girl named Lydia. She is amazing and has been through so much already and she’s only 16. Her mom passed away from cancer a year ago and her father recently remarried! It’s her story to tell, but it was so fun to work with her and to feel her strength! It was way more fun to have a talking buddy than it would have been working alone! My girls were in school when we had a moment to bake and so it was so nice to have her much needed help!

Real Imprints

The bake sale itself went great! Besides the whining over who was holding the signs and who was taking the money (taking the money was the preferred responsibility:-)), the girls did awesome! This is right up their ally because they LOVE selling things! It was fun to see them be part of something bigger than themselves, where they were earning money to give to someone else!

We earned $280!

We are done with our fundraisers and are pretty far from our goal. The money received from donations will be used to buy bunk beds, food, water, and other necessities that the orphanages are lacking. There is a small orphanage that we are helping and they need three bunk beds and then everyone will be off the floor. We need only $650 more dollars and then we can get these kids up on beds! 100% of the donations made, go towards helping meet basic needs of the orphanages we will be serving while we’re there.

Yesterday was 7 more days, but I’m writing it today because it was such a crazy day!;-)


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