4 Days Until Haiti – Gma & Gpa T are Coming to Town

Real Imprints

If you ever want to meet two people without guile, come meet Grandma and Grandpa T! These two love you whether you deserve it or not. They look past your weaknesses and love you for your strengths….although honestly, sometimes I wonder if they even see peoples’ weaknesses. They are just genuinely kind to their core. I have seriously learned so much from these guys! I’m so grateful for their unconditional love!

A cool piece to this Haiti story is that Grandma and Grandpa T served a church mission in Florida, strictly serving the Haitian immigrants there. They spent a year and a half serving and loving the Haitian people, so as our hearts were being pulled towards Haiti, we weren’t surprised when they quickly joined with us in our excitement!¬†Their hearts will always have a special place for the people of Haiti….and so will ours!

I know all I’ve said about them goes without saying since they are graciously watching our 4 fun loving and strong-willed¬†girls while we are gone!

So today we are preparing the lists and schedules and papers and numbers and to do and to go’s for Grandma and Grandpa T, in hopes that we can make their life as simple and as successful as possible while they are here and we are gone! We kind of don’t want to scare them off:-)

Thank you a million times over Grandma and Grandpa T. You don’t know how grateful we are! We know our girls will be safe and loved and that’s what makes it possible to even take this trip!


4 more days!!!


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