3 Keys to Success (when it comes to goals)

3 Keys to Success

It’s that time of year when all of our motivation and New Year’s resolutions are fading to the back of our minds. The invigorating, rejuvenating, and invincible feeling that the new year brings is slipping away, and it’s replaced by our fast paced lives accompanied with feelings of inadequacy, doubt, and discouragement, when it comes to our goals.

This post is a refresher, a reminder, that we can still do it! We don’t have to wait until the New Year! Let’s get out from under that tide of discouragement before it drowns us and ride the wave…because we can! It’s up to us! It’s all about letting go of the waves we miss (and we will miss some), not giving up, and catching the next one. We don’t have to give up, or wait until next year, with these three keys, we can start now and turn our goals into accomplishments and our new reality!

Ride the Wave

So here are the 3 keys that will make your dreams, your goals, and your hopes, turn into your realities, and not just wishes in your mind or thoughts jotted down on paper.

1. Be Stubborn! We’ve all heard where there’s a will, there’s a way. How strong is your will? Be stubborn! This is a time it’s good to be stubborn. You have permission to be stubborn! Don’t let anything get in the way. If something gets in the way one day, jump back onboard the next day, DON’T use it as an excuse to miss more! If you miss once, that’s not a valid reason to miss another time. Every day is a new day! Start as if it’s the first day; you’ve never missed a day, and you’ll never miss a day! If we miss the wave once, we don’t get out of the water, we try again, or we miss out on a lot of fun!

2. Believe in Yourself!
Are you the little engine that could, or the little engine that couldn’t? It’s hard to achieve your goals when you are constantly telling yourself you can’t do it, you never achieve your goals, you are too busy, etc. etc. etc. You can do anything you want to do, if you have the right attitude…really you can! YOU need to believe that yourself! BE OPTIMISTIC! If you miss a wave, it doesn’t mean you failed, start thinking about the next one; don’t dwell on the one you missed. Even professional surfers miss waves! The thing that got them to be where they’re at is their determination, attitude, and discipline. They weren’t great to start with. It took, time, patience, pain, effort, and a lot of work to get to where they’re at! You are capable of the same! Success is not limited to a few. It’s limited to those that are willing to try and try again, and to those who believe they can do it!

3. Do it When You Don’t Feel Like it!
Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. If you want to achieve your goals, discipline is nonnegotiable. It’s doing it when you don’t want to. It’s doing what it takes to remember it. It’s making it a priority and sticking to it. It’s making the effort, when you don’t think you have another ounce of energy in you. Jim Rohn said, “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Be stubborn, believe in yourself, and do it when you don’t feel like it and ride the exhilarating wave of accomplishment and success! You’re awesome! Believe it!


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