3 Days Until Haiti – Amazed at All the Donations

Real Imprints

The donations have piled in and it’s been amazing to see! Now the trick is to get them sorted and stuffed into 4 large suitcases that are supposed to weigh only 50 lbs each:-) Where there is a will there is a way, right? We will just think “light as a feather” with every item we pack and hopefully that will do the trick:-)

My favorite part about receiving these donations is talking to those that donate and sharing our passion to spread hope and purpose to others! It’s incredible! It gives me more energy than anything else. I feel like I can conquer all after rubbing shoulders with these amazing people!

I also love how every single donation given, great or small, money or items, talents or time, is part of this complete picture! Every single person that donated in any way is part of this story, they are part of bringing hope to the people in Haiti that are so starved not only physically, but mentally and emotionally also.

It is crunch time! We are feeling the stress levels rise! So much to do and so little time! It always seems to come together even when it seems impossible and hopefully this trip is no exception!:-)

We are still taking money donations. If you are local you can drop a check or cash off to me or I can swing by and get it, or if you’re not local or would just like to donate via credit card or debit card, you can donate HERE! 100% of the donations will go first towards getting beds for some of the orphan children that don’t even have a bed, and then to meet their most basic needs like food, water, and medications. We are hoping to meet some of their basic needs while we are there and then spoil them with all the fun donated items! I can hardly wait to see the excitement and hope on their faces!

Look at all the Haiti Imprinters on the sidebar HERE! It’s incredible! (If you have donated and are not listed, it’s only because of the craziness of our lives right now, so please shoot me an email at lindsey@realimprints.org. I REALLY want everyone on there who has donated in any way!)

Thank you Imprinters! We couldn’t do this without you!

3 more days!!!


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