2015 – A Year of Meaningful Service

Meaningful Service

I’m not going to lie….I’m kinda excited about 2015!

I was really struggling to figure out how I wanted to go about my New Year’s resolutions this year. I’m definitely not a long list of goals for the entire year kind of a girl. It’s too much for my A.D.D mind to focus on ALL year long! Last year I loved how my cousin, from Chaos Creek, chose one word and focused on that one word all year. I was also thinking of doing a top 5 list. My mind’s been all over the place, trying to find a place to land…

After reading Tasha’s “100 Acts of Service” post, I knew I wanted to incorporate service, but I didn’t know how.

I wasn’t content with just “service” because I felt like I could easily rationalize the service I do each day and not really improve myself. I thought it would be an easy out if I did just service. So what was the answer?

Then it hit me!


This incorporates a lot of what I want to do and become this year.

There is SOOO much good that can be done in a day and we can’t do it all, and if we try, we’ll wear out, but I’m a firm believer that if we start the day out right with prayer and scripture study, the Lord will help guide us through our day and we will know where we should put or time; who we should help and what we can do another day. It’s SOOOO easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged about what we didn’t do, but my hope this year is as I start the day out right, and pray to know who needs meaningful service, and and then act! Whether it’s my husband, family, friends or a stranger….I’ll know! I will have less overwhelmed and discouraged days, and more days giving meaningful service. I’m so excited to do better in this area in my life!

I do a lot of cleaning, a lot of laundry, a lot of cooking, a lot of “mommying” and often that’s what gets most of my attention and energy, and my poor amazing husband gets the leftovers. This year I want to give meaningful service to my hubby by giving more hugs for no reason, more “just because” notes left for him to find, more compliments reminding him how awesome he his, fun thank you’s for all he does for our family, more texts letting him know I’m thinking about him…you get the idea! Some of these things I do on occasion, but not often enough. I want him to remember 2015 as the year he felt more loved than ever before (and that’s a lot:-)). As time goes on, I love him more, but because of the busy schedules and increasing demands, I’m sad to say, I probably show him less. This is a year for meaningful service for my man!

All moms know that the day of a mom is full of selfless service. It’s awesome! But it’s oh so easy to get caught up in the dirty fingerprints, the messy floors, the sticky doorknobs, the LOADS and LOADS and LOADS of laundry, the taxi driving, the hungry bellies…not to mention the massive and reoccurring bomb that goes off whenever little (and big) people are present.:-) In 2015, it’s going to be different. Unfortunately, these time hogging mommy tasks are never going to disappear, but this year I’m going to do more “I caught you being great” nighttime whispers, I’m going to do more “Sure…I’ll lay by you for a minute,” more one on ones, more walks in the neighborhood, more listening, more notes, more simple small and easy things that will change a bad day to a good one! More connecting! Probably the most meaningful service I can give my kids in 2015 is to connect with them and disconnect from technology when at all possible!

There was a time when I ran myself rugged. I LOVE service! It does more for me than those I serve I just know it! I would volunteer for everything and sign up on every list. I was literally running around like a wild woman and the reason for serving was lost. I felt like I was a day late and a dollar short to everything. I wanted to be everywhere and help everyone….it wore me out. I moved and I had a fresh start and I almost became anti-service. I was afraid to serve in fear that it would overtake me again. It felt good at first to have a break, but then I missed it terribly. I learned a valuable lesson, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, it needs to be meaningful. I’m so excited this year, as I start my day right, to be guided and directed on who needs meaningful service. I don’t want or need to do it all, I just want to do what God needs me to do that day. That is when it’s meaningful!

I have to take care of myself in order to help others. It’s that plain and “simple”. If I give attention to my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health, I will be more capable to do meaningful service! In 2015, I will recommit often in hopes to give attention where attention is needed. I’m certain that there is no possible way to have complete “balance” in our lives, but we can be “balanced”. There are times some things need our attention more than others, it’s knowing what needs our attention when that is the trick! I can’t forget meaningful service to myself, which is often the easiest to forget!

I can’t believe it, but we almost have a year under our belts! I’ve been so very blessed by meaningful service all year long! Our team is incredible. Our Imprinters are the best! It’s been amazing! I can’t wait to give back this year! In 2015, we are going to share more of the meaningful service we do in our families and as an organization, as well as continue to provide meaningful service to those who feel no hope and purpose in their own life story. 2015 is going to be a year of meaningful service for Real Imprints!!!

I’m a service junky and I can’t wait to make it meaningful this year!

2015 here I come!


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