11 Days Until Haiti – I’m licking my wounds

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I just picked up our medicine for Malaria and travelers diarrhea! Wahoo!:-) It makes me laugh just writing this. I’m literally picking up medicine so I can be prepared when I get diarrhea.:-)

After reading the 12 day countdown post, my sister commented on Facebook, “Nothing like a pep talk about life insurance and emergency evacuations to get you excited about a trip.” I can’t stop laughing about her comment!:-) All these things we are preparing to go to Haiti and we are still so excited!

Is there something wrong with us? I’m thinking we are wired differently.:-)

There are so many things that you have to do to travel internationally….some of them we thought about, and some of them we did not. Paying over $200 for medications is not something we thought of. I’m super grateful that we have these medications so we are prepared, but OUCH! I can think of a lot of things to do with $200. A lot of the Haitian people live off of a dollar a day. $200 would go so far!

So we’re licking our wounds a bit on that one.

I also got my vaccinations. NOT fun. I have major mommy guilt for putting my kids through that now, and for not encouraging them to scream and cry all they wanted through it. You know that anxiety you get right before you get your blood drawn, get an IV or get a shot? You know in your mind that a little poke isn’t so bad, but you just HATE it for some reason. Well I was trying to do a little self pep talk and telling myself that it’s just a little poke and it will be over in no time and then, OUCH they pushed 1 ml of fluid into my body where there wasn’t room for it and it hurt! The anxiety level went way up for the second vaccination….my self pep talk just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I went to another appointment after and my blood pressure had gone way up! I wonder why???:-)

But I survived and I’m prepared now!

I’m licking my wounds a bit today, but there’s ONLY 11 DAYS left so all is well!


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