10 Ways Moms Can Find JOY – “LET IT GO!”

Let it Go

Can we all agree, that as moms sometimes we need to learn to “Let it Go? I feel like sometimes we miss out on the joys of being a Mom because we spend so much time and energy worrying about things we can’t change!

There are so many articles, perspectives, and opinions floating around about the “true meaning” of the song, “Let it Go” from the Disney movie, Frozen. I, for one, am a big fan of the song! It is empowering, and if put into the right context with the movie and character, it has a powerful message! She has gifts and talents she’s hidden her whole life, she takes counsel from her fears, she has insecurities that keep her from going out into the world and blessing others, and she ruins family relationships because she hides from her feelings and reality. When she decides to “Let it Go,” she finds herself after a healing process and shares her gifts and talents with others. She creates beautiful things and rebuilds relationships that have dwindled. She blesses an entire kingdom!  As Mom’s we have our own little kingdom we can bless, we just have to learn to let a few things go!

It’s a process, but as a Mom, I feel like learning to let go is one of the most powerful tools to being content,happy, and finding joy along the journey! We too are building our little kingdoms and need to learn to “LET IT GO!”

10 Ways Moms Can Find Joy – Learn to “LET IT GO”

1. Mommy Guilt I said it! I said the 10 letter cuss word! Every Mom knows what Mommy Guilt is. Every Mom has felt it and nobody likes it! Don’t live in the past. You have done your best! Look forward…that’s where you can make a difference. You can’t change the past. “Let it Go!”

2. Comparing Yourself nothing good comes from comparing and it’s definitely a Mommy thing to do! It superficially puts you above or below others. It’s destructive and it limits you. You are the only one that knows your full story and they are the only ones that know their full story. We often compare our full story, to another’s moments. It’s like comparing apples and oranges…We compare our worsts with other’s bests. It does us no good! We are not in a competition with other Moms, we are on the same team! “Let it Go!”

3. Criticizing We are our worst critics! We need to first stop criticizing ourselves, and then stop criticizing others. Most people are doing their best…including you! “Let it Go!”

4. Your Ideals I’m not talking about constructive ideals that motivate us to be something great! I’m talking about the obstructive ideals that keep us from being happy, content, and grateful. Live in your reality and be grateful for the things you do have, and stop thinking about what you don’t have. “Let it GO!”

5. The Idea of having a Perfectly Clean House 24/7 You and your family live, laugh, and love in your house…and that’s what makes it a home. That’s also what makes dirty dishes, loads and loads and loads of laundry, and a whole lot of good memories! Order is good yes, but don’t look past the things that matter most! You’ll have plenty of time to have a fingerprint free home when the kids are grown. Now is not the time. There may be piles of laundry, dirty dishes to load, and floors to sweep, and that’s okay. Tomorrow will come and your kids will still love you! Now is the time to teach your children how to take care of the home and how to clean a home, and that’s no easy task! It takes time and effort, and the results are not as immediate or obvious as they would be if you just had them stay out of the way while you cleaned, but it’s worth it. You won’t regret it! “Let it GO!”

6. The Need to appear perfect (yourself, or as a family) No one is perfect! Let the real you shine through! (This is my personal favorite and it is so freeing!) The real you is better than the person you are pretending to be. Your struggles, challenges, and triumphs are what make you amazing!

7. The Idea that You’re Not Good Enough You are good enough! You are the only one that can do what YOU are supposed to do! Embrace who you are and the things you do well. Choose to focus on the things you can do, the things you do right, and the things you’ve accomplished! Don’t waste a second telling yourself you’re not good enough. “Let it Go!”

8. Failures and Mistakes (yours and others)You will fall short, your kids will fail, your husband will make you angry, your friends and family will hurt your feelings, some people may betray you or deeply hurt you, you may be wronged. That is life and sometimes it hurts, but the quicker you are to forgive (yourself and others), the quicker you’ll feel peace and happiness! “Let it Go!”

9. The Fear of Other’s Judgements – You can’t please everyone so don’t try! The only one you need to worry about pleasing is God. He is always the best one to turn to. He is patient and forgiving, and he knows our full story. He will help us know what we are doing right and what we need to correct. Don’t fight the uphill battle of trying to please others. You’ll lose and you’ll get discouraged. “Let is Go!”

10. Your Agenda – Frustration can build when we are trying to keep up with our agenda and things are just not panning out as planned. Let yourself be flexible. You’ll get more done with a plan, but remember, life is never predictable with kids so you have to be willing to adjust. It’s important to know how to roll with the punches sometimes! “Let it Go!”

Have fun building your kingdoms! You’re doing an important work! 

Here are a couple fun videos of “Let it Go” that might be fun to see:


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