1 Day Until Haiti – Heaven Sent Blessings

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The last few days, I have had literal angels come to my doorstep. Last night as I reflected over the day, I was amazed by the genuine kindness and selflessness of others that day, and throughout this whole adventure. There is something about being served, and serving together that creates instant and lasting friendships!

These two amazing ladies went above and beyond anything they ever needed to do for me. Their service was genuine and and completely unexpected. Raundi volunteered to help me pack all the donated items. She has an ability to pack a lot of things into small spaces, which is exactly what I needed. She spent most of her day helping me organize and pack and we were able to fit practically everything that was donated, which is just short of a miracle! Erin knew I was getting sick and brought me a Neti Pot and Emergen-C. I was so worried about getting sick because I’m so susceptible to bronchitis. My last sinus infection/cold turned into pneumonia, so needless to say, these added remedies were much appreciated….and they’re working!!! Erin also stayed to help us pack for a bit. Everything they did was 100% out of the goodness of their hearts.

I’ve had neighbors and friends babysit my little “Sunshine Mixed with a Little Hurricane” the last few days and it’s been a life saver!

We can’t do everything, but these ladies inspired me to do the meaningful and important things. I really feel like they were a blessing sent from Heaven to help me get everything done I needed to do. I didn’t ask any of them, but they knew I needed them. I simply prayed and they were an answer to my prayer!

Today we received just enough donations to buy the orphanage the beds they so desperately need! Thank you to our donors! We are so grateful! Another blessing from heaven!

We will be using all other donations received to meet basic NEEDS we see once we get there, most likely food, water, and medical supplies.

Every donation, all the support and service from friends and family members have been blessings sent from heaven. They have come just at the right time and been just what we needed!

We have no doubt that the Lord has guided us to Haiti! We are excited to see what lies ahead! This incredible journey got even better when we realized we couldn’t do it alone and allowed others to join the journey and help us! We could not have done this without all of you! Thank you for your prayers, love, and support!

We can’t believe it’s here! We are saying many prayers of thanks tonight for all of our heaven sent blessings!

One more day!


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