About Us

Real Imprints sprouted when God placed people with difficult and heart-wrenching stories in Lindsey’s path. She was inspired by their faith, willpower, and courage to keep going. Her life and perspective were changed as they poured out their hearts to her, unfiltered. She was exposed to the real parts of their story that are so often protected and never shared. It left an imprint on her and she knew she had to do something. That’s when God placed an undeniable call to her to start Real Imprints. Since that day, she’s seen miracle after miracle as she’s watched Real Imprints and God’s will unfold. Every single person on the Real Imprints team and community family is here for a reason. She learned very quickly that God doesn’t make mistakes and that He’s in the details of our lives.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower individuals and families as we leave imprints of love, hope, and healing.  


Our Family

This is what our little family looked like when we moved to Guatemala in 2019, everyone was so little, time sure flies. It was an experience that changed our perspectives and lives forever. We felt undeniably led to move there, and while we were there we opened a sewing school for The Angel Gowns Project that provides jobs and education for women and families. In addition, our eyes were opened and our perspectives broadened about humanitarian work and how we can best help and serve. We understand better the importance of working with the locals and doing things their way, not ours. We’ve also become passionate about breaking the cycle of not only external poverty but also internal poverty. We do things differently now and feel so blessed to have lived there and learned directly from the incredible Guatemalan people.

We are currently working to lift remote villages to empower them to break detrimental cycles that come with poverty.

Guatemala has blessed and changed our family forever.

We have felt the power of our Savior. He has led the way, living his mission so perfectly. We too all have missions to fulfill and have felt led to build a community that inspires faith, hope, education, healing, purpose, confidence, and empowerment so that we are better equipped to live that mission. Christ can do miraculous things for us and through us, as we serve alongside Him.

Our Team

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.” – Mother Teresa.

, We have the most amazing team, and together, with God’s help, we run our organization Real Imprints and The Angel Gowns Project.

Our team is made up of people on a journey of purposeful living. We are all passionate about helping others love, heal, and believe from the inside out. Healing is something we all need, no matter what our walk of life is, or was. Our team is on a mission to bring hope and purpose to everyone’s story. As we serve and love others, we are all healed, both the giver and the receiver, and we are never the same again.

Real Imprints would not exist without the many, many volunteers that have given countless hours of their time and talents. We LOVE our Team and feel blessed every day that God has brought us together. We thank all those, seen and unseen, that have helped in any way. We truly have the most amazing team, and together, with God’s help, we run our Real Imprints.

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Lindsey Thomason

Founder/Director/Trip Co-Director
Get to Know Lindsey

Lindsey is a certified life coach, humanitarian ambassador, is conversational in Spanish (big accomplishment for her), and loves to help people discover their inner awesomeness! Being able to run Real Imprints as a family and meeting and working with so many incredible people is a dream to her. Guatemala changed her and her family’s life and perspective and she loves sharing it with others. Lindsey believes that with God, all things are possible, and she’s been humbled to see His hand and guidance in running RI. Walking or riding bikes by the river, cheering her kids on in their sports and activities, hoodies, chocolate milk, and watching football are a few of her favorite things. 

Aaron Thomason

Real Imprints Trip Co-director/Mission Merch Director
Get to Know Aaron

Aaron is a certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, is fluent in Spanish, loves the outdoors and being active, loves God, his family, and people, and has the biggest heart of anyone we know, so he is pretty much our secret weapon on our trips. Aaron is the calm to everyone’s storm. He’s got a great sense of humor and keeps things fun, and has the best slap happy contagious laugh. We’re grateful he’s good at juggling so much because he does an amazing job wearing so many hats on our trips! Aaron used to be an in the box thinker until he said yes to God to move our family to Guatemala, and now the sky’s the limit!

Brigitte Peterson

Administrative Assistant
Get to Know Brigitte

Brigitte is a dance teacher, wife and mother. She was raised in Bozeman Montana and Susanville California. She studied dance at BYU-Idaho and met her husband, Jeremy, on a university dance performance tour. She married Jeremy in 2006 and in 2008 they had their adorable son. They have lived in Visalia California, and Boise, Meridian, and Nampa Idaho. Brigitte has taught dance for twenty years, loves reading, writing, camping, traveling, photography and spending time with her family.

Marci Preece

Director of the Angel Gowns Project
Get to Know Marci

Marci is an educator, musician, and humanitarian. She lives in Utah with her husband and their four rambunctious children. Together they enjoy road trips, outdoor adventures, and family game nights. When she’s not acting like an Uber driver for her kids, Marci likes to spend time reading historical fiction, cracking Sudoku puzzles, and writing music. Marci studied education at Utah State University and over the past few years has developed a passion to help those in poverty have access to education and learning resources. Her current favorite quote is, “I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do.”

Noheli Estrada

Guatemala In-Country Director
Get to Know Noheli

Noheli lives with her mom and younger brother in Guatemala. She speaks Spanish, English and is learning Portuguese. She served a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tijuana, Mexico and is currently a business administration student. She enjoys watching Japanese and Korean TV shows, listening to K pop and Indi music, drawing and learning about other cultures. She is learning to play the Ukulele, but above all she likes to have a good time with her family and make good friends. She likes to make people laugh and learn from others always intending to think and act according to the good principles they teach her.

Becky Hummel

Website Manager
Get to Know Becky
Becky has been with Real Imprints since the beginning and is the one that makes all our dreams a reality. She is a genius with computers, systems, programming, and organization and has given countless hours of her time to Real Imprints. She is the quiet, behind-the-scenes, secret weapon that makes everything happen! Becky and her wonderful husband Ben have 6 amazing kids, 5 boys and 1 girl. Becky is a dedicated wife, mom, friend, and community and church member. She loves Utah State, football, and all things problem solving. She’s strong, brave, and a light to all that know her!

Brooke Thomason

Trip Youth Leader/Interpreter
Get to Know Brooke

Brooke is our oldest and is attending BYU. She was 15 years old when we moved to Guatemala. She wasn’t sure about it at first, but she had the faith to pray about it. She got her answer and never looked back, even when it was hard. She still talks about how it was the best years of her life and how much she loves the people and country. She has a super power to learn and retain information (including Spanish), compose and play music, and loves rugby and the outdoors. Good music, good food, comfy clothes, and being with people are her love languages. She has a gift to love and lift those around her and her smile will brighten anyone’s day. 

Meg Thomason

Trip Youth Leader/Mission Merch
Get to Know Meg

Meg is the second in command in birth order. She is a peaceful quiet leader that is always aware of others and who needs what. She’s a great example and good to everyone. Meg is uber talented in all things music and dancing, but you’ll be lucky if you talk her into performing, she’s not a fan (YET)! Meg was our little worrier when we moved to Guatemala, and being there set her free from so many of those worries. Something about riding in the back of a truck with the wind blowing in her face and fewer rules made her realize, every little thing was going to be ok. Meg can also be found on the rugby pitch and loves sports and the great outdoors.


Paige Thomason

Trip Youth Leader/Mission Merch
Get to Know Paige

Paige is our third girl! Paige came with the sweetest demeanor and still has the biggest heart. She has the gift and ability to lead, organize, and get things done. In Guatemala, Paige was our adventurer who had no fear! Climbing volcanoes and jumping off cliffs as a young buck, without hesitation. This girl was born with determination and grit! Paige loves sports (basketball, soccer, and rugby are currently at the top) and it’s been awesome to see her work hard to be where she wants to be. Paige loves Spanish and isn’t afraid to speak and interact with the locals and help those on our team have the best experience they can have.

Brynn Thomason

Trip Kid’s Leader/Spanish Negotiator
Get to Know Brynn

Brynn is the youngest, but is the real Chief of the family and team! She can dig in the dirt, play dress ups, or have an adult conversation, and is up for any and all of it! She was 6 when we moved to Guatemala so on the first day, Aaron had her on his shoulders in an attempt for safer street walking. By day two or three, she was nearly directing the traffic and leading the way. Brynn learned her Spanish by attending public school while we lived there. She can now play with kids and negotiate prices with the best of them. Brynn is a go-getter, loves people, has a heart of gold and feels so deeply for those struggling, loves adventure, and loves softball. Brynn is known for her wise witty comments on our trips and has a quote book in her honor.